Rubio on Trump Blaming Earpiece: ‘The Words Ku Klux Klan Come Through Clearly’

‘The media knows Donald Trump can’t win and that’s why they are giving him a pass’

RUBIO: “On issue after issue, what he’s saying to people isn’t true — it doesn’t match his record. And yet somehow, it’s gotten to this point, it’s gotten too far. It’s called a con job and we’re not going to allow a con artist to take control of the party of Lincoln and Reagan.” (Cheering)
AUDIENCE (cheering): “Donald Trump! Donald Trump! Donald Trump!”
RUBIO: “Well he can’t win, either. That’s the other big problem. He can’t — he’s unelectable now. He’s — he refused to criticize the Ku Klux Klan. He’s now been given three interviews. This morning on the ‘TODAY’ show, he blamed it on a bad ear piece, that he couldn’t hear the question. I don’t care how bad the ear piece is, Ku Klux Klan comes through pretty clearly, and he refused to criticize it. How we’re going to elect — how can someone like that be our nominee? How can the nominee of the Republican Party, of the party of Lincoln, the party of Reagan, the party of hope and the party of optimism, nominate someone who refuses to criticize the Ku Klux Klan or distance himself from an avowed racist like David Duke. And we can’t lose this election. (Applause) The media — the media knows Donald Trump can’t win and that is why they are giving him a pass.”

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