Mike Barnicle: Tomorrow ‘David Duke Is Not Going To Be an Issue’

‘[Trump] has no problems ... he’s going to practically run the table’

SCARBOROUGH: "And throw in the Ku klux Klan, too. Mike Barnicle, I will get texts and calls and e-mails from friends who are fans of Donald Trump accusing me of being a pawn of the mainstream media Q etc., etc., etc. I don’t see this hurting him in the primary. I think it will be devastating to anymore the fall if he runs against Hillary Clinton but I didn’t see it hurting him tomorrow, given the today show interview and as Steve Schmidt says, the muddiness. Now he can say “I’ve disavowed him 12 times, I’m disavowed him 15 times.” And paper over the fact that on Sunday he said he didn’t know who David duke was enough to disavow him."
BARNICLE: "Joe, he has no problems tomorrow. He’s going to practically run the table. Maybe Cruz wins Texas, but he’s going to run the table. He’s going to approach 50% of the vote in Massachusetts so what he has said or not said about David duke is not going to be an issue tomorrow. But here’s another issue. Donald Trump was just on the “Today” show. And the issue is what is the store write the trump campaign? He knew he wasn’t going to be on the “Today” show to talk about his memoirs. He knew he was going to be asked about David duke. Donald Trump is a guy who quickly easily multiple times a day can tweet that people are losers, that they’re stupid, idiots. Why didn’t he get on there and say “Davduke is a racist creep” in trump language and put this thing to bed. The worrisome part about today’s appearance on the “Today” show is what is that campaign prepared for or unprepared for."

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