Geist: ‘The Fodder that Hillary or Bernie Sanders Will Have Against’ Trump Will Be ‘Unreal’

‘The fodder that Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders will have against this guy is unreal’

SCARBOROUGH: "And yet, Willie tomorrow night will have a clean sweep on super Tuesday I think and probably move forward and I predict lock down the nomination."
BRZEZINSKI: "Just like we said from the get-go. Watch out, guys, he could win, he will win."
SCARBOROUGH: "Just like we said from the beginning and the question is, I’ve got to say, this late in the game when he’s up 15 runs, you know, why is he throwing bean balls at the opponents’ heads? Why is he playing it dirty when he could just go out and pitch the ball dune in the middle and walk away the political equivalent of the world series and have a shot to beat Hillary Clinton in the fall. Why?"
GEIST: "If he cleans up tomorrow, which he probably will, he may lose Texas to Ted Cruz but maybe not. He might win every state tomorrow. We’ll see, he’s the nominee. We’ll just come out and say it. After super Tuesday he’s probably the nominee. Now that you have a guy who over the weekend had this Klan statement, he suggested that the federal judge or the circuit judge overseeing the Trump University cases was biased against him because he’s Hispanic. He said 'And that’s okay, but he’s Hispanic' suggesting that is why he was being prosecuted, that’s the guy the Republican Party will put out there. The fodder that Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders are going to have against this guy is unreal."

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