Cruz: Trump Cannot Lead on Illegal Immigration; He’s Been Hiring Illegals for 40 Years

‘He had given over $55,000 to the members of the Gang of Eight’

TODD: "Let me end where we began, if you are third in delegates Wednesday morning, do you reassess your candidacy?"
CRUZ: "Well, listen, I don’t intend to be third in delegates. I don’t believe I am. I think that may be a question you’ll have to pose to other candidates, but I will say what we saw last week was in the seminal battle on amnesty when I was leading the fight against the Rubio/Schumer gang of eight amnesty bill and we defeated the gang of eight amnesty bill, Donald Trump was funding the gang of eight. He had given over $55,000 to the members of the gang of eight. You cannot lead on illegal immigration if you spent four decades supporting open border Democrats. And if you’ve been hiring illegal immigrants, as Donald Trump has been doing."
TODD: "All right. Senator Ted Cruz, I got to leave it there. Republican from Texas, have a safe time on the trail. We’ll be watching on super Tuesday, sir."

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