Hillary’s Southern Accent Returns for Rally in Alabama

The 2016 Democratic front-runner sounded very different Saturday than she did Friday

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Hillary Clinton's occasional southern accent made a return just in time for her rally today in Fairfield, Alabama. Sounding strikingly different than she did during her interview Friday on MSNBC, Clinton sounded almost like Forrest Gump when pronouncing "Alabama."

Transcript below: 

"I met a student who has a 13% interest rate. Anybody here have a 13 percent or higher interest rate, this young man right there? My gosh. I want everybody to understand what we have done to our young people. I don't blame them for being frustrated. We haven't even had interest rates for years now, because of the great recession, and even before that. And we're charging young people 10, 11, 1, 13, 14, 15 percent? It is so wrong. We're going to refinance. The other thing we're going to do, move as many as will move with me into what are called Contingency Repayment Plans. That's what I had when I went to law school, where you pay it back as a percentage of your income. When I got out of law school, I was a lawyer working for the Children's Defense Fund, I made maybe $14,000 a year, that's how I could take a job I wanted to do and be able to afford it. I came down to Alabama to investigate segregated academies and was down here gathering information to try to prevent them from getting tax exempt status. I did a job I loved and could afford to do it because I was paying it back as a percentage. We're going to move as many will go in to these programs. Give it to a contingency program and then we're going to stop after 20 years, we're not going any further than that."

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