Krauthammer: Christie’s Trump Endorsement ‘Extremely Important’

‘The more short term effect [is] the genius of Trump in story and media management’

KRAUTHAMMER: "I think it is less important for the effect on Christie than it is on Trump. This is an extremely important endorsement for two reasons. Number one, it legitimizes Trump in a way that I think is going to be extremely crucial here. Trump has not been endorsed by anybody, he's been --"

BAIER: "Well a couple of congressmen, Duncan Hunter of --" 

KRAUTHAMMER: "Of whom no one heard of outside the family. Christie emerges, a guy who took the endorsement of the Union Leader in New Hampshire, a lot of argument there, he endorses. As A.B. said, he gave they keynote speech at the last convention. So he's a guy who represents the establishment. In a sense, what he does is he gives license to other senators, congresspeople and governors to go ahead and endorse. I think they'll start with a trickle, but you will be the first one and the one accused of opportunism. The second was, the more short term effect, the genius of Trump in story and media management. This was going to be a day today and a weekend of people going over and over loops of the debate last night where Trump got wobbled, where he got pummeled with Rubio in the ring and Cruz leaning over the ropes from the outside, hitting Trump in the back of the head. That was a dramatic debate, yesterday. The story was stomped on. Today has taken over, it will wear off, but it will have an effect of ending at least over this weekend that storyline that would have otherwise dominated. It would have been, Trump loses, it's going to be now he wins Christie."

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