CBS: Intense Fighting Hours Before Syria Truce Kicks In

The temporary truce will not include ISIS or the al Qaeda affiliated group

ROSE: “In just hours, a partial ceasefire set to begin in Syria. Speaking at the State Department, President Obama warned Russia and the Syrian government the world will be watching. The temporary truce will not include ISIS or the al Qaeda affiliated group al-Nusra Front. Our Elizabeth Palmer is in a Syrian government-controlled town south of the capital Damascus. Elizabeth, good morning.”
PALMER: “Good morning. We’ve been driving down into the south of Syria and we have heard all along the way the sounds of rocketing and bombing. The Syrian observatory for human rights does confirm that the army is on aggressive attack in these hours leading into what we hope will become a ceasefire. We already know that some groups are excluded. ISIS, al Qaeda affiliate al-Nusra and now the Turks are saying they reserve the right to continue to fight the Kurds. The United Nations hopes that leaves enough smaller opposition groups willing to buy into this truce that, at last, aid and supplies can go in to help the hundreds of thousands of people who are desperate and have been cut off for months or even years. Norah?”
O’DONNELL: “All right. Incredible reporting there. Elizabeth Palmer in Syria, thank you.”

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