Ben Carson: If I Don’t Do Well on Super-Tuesday, I Will Have to Reexamine Continuing On

‘I will have to think very seriously about it’


BOLLING: “Your closing statement, these hands, hold up the hands again, sir.”
CARSON: “Let’s see. Oh. Yes. I said these hands, I said several years ago a movie was made about these hands. By the grace of god they’ve had ability to heal many ill children and families. And I’m asking American people to join hands with me now to heal and inspire, and revive our nation. If not us who, and if now, when?”
BOLLING: “Dr. Carson, will you go on to vote depending on Super Tuesday — if it doesn’t go tremendously will you continue onto the March 15th date?”
CARSON: “I would have to think seriously about it. I have a lot of people please, please, no matter what, don’t drop out. But, you know, if I don’t see a path to doing something substantial, you know, I have to take that into consideration, also. You know, we every day.”
BOLLING: “Dr. Carson, thank you so much for joining us.”
CARSON: “Thank you. Take care.”

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