Chuck Todd: If Trump Wins Both Ohio and Florida, ‘It’s Over’

‘There’s only two outcomes, either Trump becomes the presumptive nominee or we’re headed to a brokered convention’


SCARBOROUGH: “Chuck Todd the Republican party in the Rubio camp is dreaming of a brokered convention.”
TODD: “That’s all they have.”
SCARBOROUGH: “That’s all they have. But let’s say even if this debate moved things five points in Rubio’s direction trump still wins all 13 contests on super Tuesday. He still wins Florida, may lose Texas. If we get past Super Tuesday next week and trump dominates the way it looks like he’s going to dominate right now, is the dream of the brokered convention dead in the water?”
TODD: “Absolutely. Look, it’s a pretty simple —“
SCARBOROUGH: “Chuck, they have to stop him before Super Tuesday.”
TODD: “Correct. It’s — well, no, it’s March 15. That’s the deadline. On Super Tuesday because of the proportional — go ahead, let’s put Rubio, give him another three points. So let’s say he averages in the high 20s in many of these states rather than the low to mid-20s. Trumps sits at his 35 to 40 depending on the state. He’ll have 100 to 110 delegate lead: But the real test is Ohio and Florida. If trump wins them both, it’s over. He’s halfway — he’ll be at 600 plus. That’s halfway to the magic number. No one else will be within, I think, 250, 300.”
SCARBOROUGH: “So here we are again, Chuck, 16 years later it’s still all about Florida, Florida, Florida.”
TODD: “And there’s only two outcomes, either Trump becomes the presumptive nominee or we’re headed to a brokered convention. Trump has enough of a lead already, he’ll get en delegates on Super Tuesday that it’s impossible for anybody else to win this before the convention so it’s either Trump now or a convention?”
SCARBOROUGH: “And Todd Harris, the chairman of Rubio’s campaign said the media needs to chill, Marco Rubio is going to win Florida. Period. Take it to the bank.”
BROKAW: “What Chuck says is correct and here is the problem for the Republicans and this is if trump does all that — what chuck just outlined and they decide to have broken convention, then they’re defying the will of the people. They’re alienating everybody who went for Trump.”
BRZEZINSKI: “This has been the case from the get-go.”
BROKAW: “And the party breaks up in its own way. That’s a huge issue about are they playing by the establishment rule source there a new Republican Party that Trump has managed to personify with his style and positions?”

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