Trump Supporter: Romney Sounds Like Hillary Clinton on Trump Tax Charges

‘He knows nothing about Donald Trump’s taxes and it’s wrong of him to just come out and speculate’

COSTELLO: “...smaller veterans groups across the country, not the big larger ones that we’ve always hear about. I just wanted to throw that out in fairness. So  Kayleigh, why not — why not just release — why doesn’t Donald Trump just release his tax returns and be done with it? If he has nothing to hide, what’s the big deal?”
MCENANY: “Because Donald Trump is bucking the political rules. He’s shown himself to do that and it’s proven a successful and fruitful. Here’s the thing; you know, Donald Trump plays by his own rules, it’s worked. He’s winning in every category. And I have to wonder why Mitt Romney would come out and speculate as to there being a bombshell in Donald Trump’s past. I mean, this is crazy. When you listen to him, you think you’re listening to Hillary Clinton, not a former Republican nominee. He knows nothing about Donald Trump’s taxes and it’s wrong of him to come out and just speculate. To me, it’s one of the worst things we’ve seen on the campaign trail, just come out and speculate about something you have zero knowledge about. It shows me that he’s trying to prop up Rubio or Cruz, I’m not sure which but it’s not a very good thing to do.”

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