Rep. Louie Gohmert: Ted Cruz ‘Is the Most Honest Guy in the Race’

‘I think that’s eventually going to become very clear, question is how long before people realize that’


PAYNE: “About a month ago we thought he would do better in South Carolina and Nevada, particularly among evangelicals.”

GOHMERT: “I think you touched on it. You started having Trump who doesn't lie but he's on both side of most every issue. Kind of like Romney. You can find video of him on both side of most every issue. you have got Rubio and the biggest weakness, the reason why he would not likely win Florida is he promised them no amnesty, he get to Washington and immediately joins forces with Shierm and McCain to sell amnesty. They haven't forgotten that. the people whose greatest weakness is their credibility. And they come after you they come after the strongest thing you have got. with ted, it's his credibility. he did have somebody who was not using good judgment and he's gone the rid of them. but I’m one of self people in the house meeting with Ted Cruz week after week, usually in his office. tips other places. We were so dejected and depressed when Marco Rubio got on board with McCain after being so excited when he won. we were struggling week after week. And what I’m saying is ted is the most honest guy in the race. i think that's eventually going to be very clear. the question is how long before people realize it.”

PAYNE: “It's got to become clear. It has to happen immediately. People say his opponent are using the Saul Alinsky handbook. How can he get in front of this? Should he expand his message beyond evangelicals? It's a particular niche in the electorate and i don't know that they are coming out for hip anymore.”

GOHMERT: “The other thing we have to do i for the millions of Christians that for years have been saying second chronicles 7:4, my people called by thy name will humble themselves. If you will select the on person who never asked god for forgiveness, sought his face or humbled himself. If you select hip as leader god will heal your land. you can't go with a guy who never asked for forgiveness. ted should do extremely well in Texas because they know him in Texas. it's going to get interesting from here.”

PAYNE: “ The polls are tightening up but I know Ted Cruz is glad to be back in Texas. You have been a patriot in Washington. Thank you very much.”

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