Scottie Nell Hughes Slams ‘Benedict Romney’ over Trump Tax Battle

‘We’re seeing Donald Trump being held to different standards that others are not’

COSTELLO: "So, Scottie, why doesn't Mr. Trump just release his tax returns and be done with it?"
HUGHES: "Let's first go back to Benedict Romney. Because when Senator Harry Reid was going against Mitt Romney to release his taxes, Donald Trump went to his defense. So I think it is ironic right now. What about a loyal friend here? Other people could have sat here and pulled this out and said release your taxes, but I think it is interesting that Mitt Romney is being called in to do this. As for releasing the taxes, he's going to do that. He said he has. But once again we're seeing Donald Trump being held to different standards that others are not. Where are the records? Where are the paperworks from everyone else. You don't see it, they are not asking for it."
COSTELLO: "Scottie, you just heard the candidates [indecipherable] funny stories saying  they are perfectly willing to turn over their tax records, that there is not much to see, take a look. We are free to take a look so that is not true."
HUGHES: "It is not just tax records. What about applications to college? What about grade transcripts? Even birth certificates? Other things. It is always Mr. Trump that's been asked and held accountable to release things when other candidates are given basically scotch guard and are able to get away with just saying oh I've got them. I will give it to you later. It is not just tax records."

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