Todd: Clinton’s ‘Going to Long for the Days of Ken Starr When Running Against Trump’

‘Every conspiracy theory that has ever been uttered, he’ll bring it up’


SCARBOROUGH: “Chuck Todd, I will tell you who is horrified right now. Bill Clinton is horrified at the prospect of every time Hillary Clinton bringing up women’s issues Donald Trump puts out an Instagram and by the end of the campaign Bill Cosby and Bill Clinton are synonymous.”
TODD: “There are two things that the Clinton people believe are true. Number one, that Donald — they can beat Donald Trump and they think that they can potentially beat him by a fairly large margin. And that it’s the last person they want to run against.”
TODD: “They simultaneously believe both things.” [crosstalk]
SCARBOROUGH: “Which by the way — by the way, very rational on both fronts.”
TODD: “Right. Because, yes, they see their path to victory. She will be a shell of — you talk at scorched earth. And it was interesting when I read your piece because I thought, well, Trump is going to scorch earth. You brought up two ways, and he immediately said ‘I’m going to drop napalm before you even try and I’m going to do the Bill Clinton/Bill Cosby —‘. The point is —“
SCARBOROUGH: “And by the way —“
TODD: “— she’s going to long for the days of Ken Starr —“
TODD: “— when running against Trump. This is going to be a race to the bottom. This is going to be something — I don’t — as tough as she has been through, and she can say she’s never been through something like this. He doesn’t play by whatever agreed-upon set of rules that politics — politicians — “
TODD: “And when you do that, you have to be prepared for everything. [crosstalk] Every conspiracy theory that has ever been uttered, he’ll bring it up.”
SCARBOROUGH: “I’ll say, it’s the Bill Buckley rule again, never debate against the amateur, the amateur will win every time because they don’t play by —“ [crosstalk]
TODD: “They don’t do Princeton debate rules.” (Laughter)
SCARBOROUGH: “— they just don’t play by the rules.”
GEIST: “We got a little preview of it. And we saw the Clintons tied in knots when Donald Trump did that and they were asked about it for a week or so, Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton and they decided — [crosstalk] — they decided it wasn’t worth engaging on that. And what you’re going to do when it’s one on one if it is these two people, and it’s every single day. They’ve better figure it out how to handle that.”

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