Halperin: If Trump Is Not Stopped on Super Tuesday, ‘It Will Be Too Late to Stop Him’

‘People in the establishment, they don’t think they can stop Trump’

SCARBOROUGH: "We’ll get to an interesting story very soon, mark Halperin, about Donald Trump and Mitt Romney attacking each other, this time Romney talking about his taxes but first let’s set the race for today. Instead of having an hour on your show “With all due respect,” give us in 30 seconds the state of the race and explain the fear and loathing coming from the headlines, not even the “New York Times” but also the “Washington Post,” the “Wall Street journal” —"
BRZEZINSKI: "As it just extended out of nowhere."
HALPERIN: "The debate is an opportunity to maybe reset things but you see in the “Washington Post” editorial and what Mitt Romney is doing, the understanding coming too late for many that if Donald Trump is not stopped on Tuesday when he could sweep super Tuesday, he could, it will be too late to stop him. And so you’re seeing lots of people kind of screaming out and saying “Hold on world, pay attention.” But you’re hearing mostly silence because people in the establishment, they don’t think they can stop trump and most of them — some of them are trying to make piece with the reality of Donald Trump as the most likely far and away Republican nominee."

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