CBS: Mathematically Trump Can Be Stopped But Politically It Will Be Hard

‘After last night’s big win in Nevada Donald Trump has a commanding 81 to 17 delegate lead’

KING: "This is a question what will it take to stop Donald Trump? It all comes down to the delegates. Republican voters in 11 states will hand out almost 600 delegates on Super Tuesday. CBS News election director Anthony Salvanto is here to take a look at where we take a stand on that. Anthony, the question for you now is can Donald Trump mathematically be stopped?"
SALVANTO: "Mathematically, yes, Gayle, but politically it's going to get a lot harder. After last night's big win in Nevada, Donald Trump has a commanding 81 to 17 delegate lead over Cruz and Rubio over what has been given out so far. But on Super Tuesday, we will see 595 delegates in play. Now, they are mainly across the South and those states are full of kinds of voters Donald Trump has been winning so far like conservatives and evangelicals. So if he keeps up this pace, then he can going to have at least 281 delegates coming out of Super Tuesday, partly because of the rules give out those delegates proportionately. That means based on how many votes you get, not just whether you win or lose, that makes it even harder for everyone else to catch him. Now, there is still time. It takes over 1,200 delegates to win and further down the road on March 15th, there are big delegate prizes in states like Florida and Ohio. Those states are winner take all. The question for folks like Cruz and Rubio is can they hang on that long?"

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