Clinton Spox Brian Fallon Continues Stonewalling on Wall St. Speech Transcripts

‘There are certain things that presidential contender is expected to make public … if a new norm for the presidential candidates is to release speeches if they had speeches, Hillary Clinton will be happy to participate’

CUOMO: “All right. So, we dealt with the plus, let’s deal with the minus. Two beats — the first one is that she was asked to release the speeches, not by the Republicans — the speeches to Wall Street — but by Bernie Sanders. The secretary’s response last night was hey, I shouldn’t be held to a different standard. When everybody releases their speeches I will, too. But isn’t that a little bit of a misdirection? This isn’t about the GOP. Sen. Sanders is the one making the request for the speeches. And is not providing those transcripts, once again, fueling the intrigue of the unknown? That question of is Hillary Clinton hiding something.”
FALLON: “Well, Chris, it’s interesting you bring up Sen. Sanders. As recently as two weeks ago he was saying that he didn’t want to join in on the attacks on this issue. That is was her decision whether to release the transcripts. And now, as a result of the outcome in Nevada, I assume he’s changing his tune on that and openly attacking her over this. That’s unfortunate. Look, there are certain things that a presidential campaign and a presidential contender is expected to make public. Tax returns, their health records. Some of the leading presidential candidates have not yet done even that. Hillary Clinton has. If it is going to be the new normal for presidential candidates that have given speeches to release the transcripts of those speeches, that’s something that Hillary Clinton will be happy to participate in. But there shouldn’t be one standard for Hillary Clinton and another for everyone else, because as we’ve seen there’s multiple candidates in this race that have given speeches, some in exchange for fees higher even than Sec. Clinton. And so we shouldn’t have a double standard. I think that’s the point that she was making last night.”
CUOMO: “Right. The question is does it fuel the drip, drip, drip that has haunted Hillary Clinton that she often talks about, as well. Brian Fallon, appreciate your perspective —“

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