MSNBC: Trump Tops Kasich in Ohio in Latest Poll; Cruz Leads Trump in Texas

‘The Ohio primary is on March 15th’

BRZEZINSKI: “A new poll just out this morning in Ohio shows Governor John Kasich behind Donald Trump in his home state’s primary. The Quinnipiac poll shows Trump ahead of Kasich, 31 to 26 percent. Ted Cruz at 21 percent, Marco Rubio at 13 percent and Ben Carson at 5 percent. The Ohio primary is on March 15th.”
SCARBOROUGH: “Mark Halperin you have a Texas poll that just came out as well. What you got?”
HALPERIN: “It’s a Texas Tribune, University of Texas poll that shows Ted Cruz actually ahead by a pretty sizable margin, 37 percent over Donald Trump at 29. Marco Rubio at 15. Now, on one hand you could say that’s his home state, of course he should win it. But if Ted Cruz is able to win the Texas primary — it’s not a winner take all but he’d get a lot of delegates. The symbolism of that would be strong, because he’d have a win over Trump in a big, important Republican state at a time when Trump [indecipherable]. I think that could be one of the ways Ted Cruz might be able to argue. He is the guy who continues to have at least a chance to stop Donald Trump. So 37 percent Cruz, 29 for Trump in Cruz’s home state, the Texas [indecipherable]” [crosstalk]
SCARBOROUGH: “You know, these —“
HALPERIN: “Anchors the contest a week from today on the NCC primary.”

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