Scarborough: Cruz and Rubio ‘Killing Each Other’; ‘Only Making Trump Stronger’

Halperin: ‘The fact that they’re shying away from the fight shows lack of strength’

SCARBOROUGH: “Of course the fights went on from there. Mark Halperin, I will — earlier this morning Ron Fournier said when he was growing up, when you played king of the hill, everybody ran up the hill and they tried to throw the king off the hill. They didn’t punch out everybody at the bottom of the hill. That appears to be exactly what is happening here. I actually said it yesterday morning.”
BRZEZINSKI: “Yeah, I agree with you.”
SCARBOROUGH: “I said it at 10:00 or 11:00 in the morning, and I said it last night. I don’t understand why these guys are in second and third place clawing each other’s eyes out when there is somebody ahead in every state, that they’re not even fighting. They’re killing each other. They’re only making Donald Trump stronger and they’re only weakening themselves. This makes no sense.”
HALPERIN: “ It doesn’t make sense, both in terms of the clock ticking and the potential that Trump could win so many contests and nobody could stop him. It also, I think, doesn’t make sense because if you’re going to take on Hillary Clinton, if she is the Democratic nominee, you have to prove not just to Republican voters but to the electorate at large that you’re tough enough to take on anybody. The fact that they’re shying away from the fight shows I just think does not reflect very well on their capacity to show what we have said all along, that Trump has showed, which is strength. I will say though the minute any of these guys go after Trump full force he’ll come back at them full force and I’m not sure any of them are ready for the implications of that. In part because they don’t have his skills and in part because they don’t have the money to defend themselves on television.”

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