Halperin: Trump’s More Careful Now; He’s Only Talking About Punching Someone

‘He’s gotten more careful’

SCARBOROUGH: "The Republican establishment has been denying Donald Trump’s existence for nine months, suggesting he was never going to win. Now they are all saying, if he is not stopped by March 15th it’s all over. Okay? So they’re not in fantasyland anymore. Even with trump locking this down, and even with the Nevada caucus today, you got number two and number three savaging each other and not going after the guy on top. What is going on in their minds?"
HALPERIN: "Well, all I can think of is that they recognize that, if they go after him, he would turn on them and try to eliminate them. I’m not defending it. I agree with you. I’m saying, it seems to me, largely — Rubio also wants to keep his brand clean. He hopes a trump-cruz fight allows him to sneak up the middle. He’s not defending himself. His tax returns, for instance, have become an issue with the “Wall Street journal” and other news organizations. George will. Yet not one is pressing him to release his tax returns."
SCARBOROUGH: "He seems to be even more reckless than ever before, saying last night that he was going to punch somebody in the face."
HALPERIN: "He’s gone from — Joe, I have to disagree. He’s gotten more careful. Previously he was talking about shooting someone. Now he’s just talking about punching someone in the face."
SCARBOROUGH: "In 2016 what is that, a moderate position?"
HALPERIN: "The same thing is happening in the media, honestly. They keep shooting at each other instead of trying to look at this frontrunner and understand him. And even ask their own tough questions. They are literally at a loss, just like the other candidates. At a loss. Mike Barnicle, the list. What you got?"

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