Halperin on Trump: ‘I Think He Could Win Every State’ on Super Tuesday

‘I think he could win every state on March 2’

SCARBOROUGH: "They were they scared to attack him because every time you attack him he turns on you? Which has always been my operating theory with trump. He attacks everybody and he doesn’t do it fair and it’s vicious because he’s learned that stops them from attacking back."
HALPERIN: "It wasn’t even just Romney, though who went after Gingrich, you had surrogates on TV. You had surrogates showing up at Gingrich events. You could send to a trump event a trump impersonator and a Nancy Pelosi and Hillary Clinton impersonator and make mischief there. There’s none of that. There’s no effort to stop him and I think answer is they’re all under this fantasy that if they just do their thing and beat the other guys besides trump in the upcoming contests that they’ll get him one on one but I just look at the calendar and think that we’ll wake up March 2 and trump will have, again, right now I think he could win every state on March 2. And when I float that to the other campaign, they don’t dispute it."

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