Trump: ‘I’m Going To Do Great with the African-Americans’

‘And I’m going to do great with Hispanics; I employ thousands of Hispanics’

TAPPER: “There’s a lot of concern, as you know, among Republican Party leaders in Washington about, can you win a general election? Let’s talk about demographics for a second. If the next Republican nominee wins the same share of the white vote that Mitt Romney did in 2012 — that was 59 percent — that nominee would need to win 30 percent of the non-white vote. Now, with all due respect, sir, a lot of Republican leaders in D.C. struggle to envision you accomplishing this, especially given the fact that there are white supremacist groups and individuals like that who support you, some of whom you have even retweeted.” 
TRUMP: “Well, that, I know nothing about. I mean, I don’t know about retweeting. I mean, you retweet somebody, and turns out to be a white supremacist. I know nothing about these groups that are supporting me. I will tell you this. As a candidate, I will bring over many, many Dems. We’re going to bring over a lot of Democrats. We’re going to bring over a lot of independents. Nobody else will. In all fairness, the other candidates, they will never bring over independents. They will never bring — we’re talking about the Reagan Democrats. 

“We’re going to bring over tremendous numbers. We’re going to bring over youth. Bernie’s not going to make it, in my opinion. And I never thought he would. Hillary won’t make it. Frankly, if she gets indicted, that’s the only way she is going to be stopped. And I think it’s going to be between Hillary and myself. They say that it will be the largest voter turnout in the history of United States elections. And I want to tell you, that’s a great compliment to the country, because we have such a low voter turnout compared to a lot of other countries. 

“So, I think it will be the greatest voter turnout in history. I mean, the stories — if it’s Hillary against me, that’s going to be a tremendous turnout.

“I’m going to win. I’m going to win places like Michigan that the Republicans can’t even think of. You know, they always talk about the six states, right, with Ohio and Pennsylvania and, you know, et cetera, et cetera. I won’t go through the numbers. But I will win places like Michigan that people don’t even talk about. I will have a chance of winning New York. If I win New York, the election’s over, OK, from an Electoral College standpoint. I have a chance of winning New York. 

“I will win states that aren’t in play. I will win states that the Republicans don’t even think of. And one of them that comes to mind is Michigan. And another one is New York. Upstate New York, I’m like the most popular person that’s ever lived virtually Upstate New York. They’re great friends of mine. And we will do very well in New York. I don’t know, maybe win it, maybe not, but we’re going to do very — we’re going to come awfully close to winning it. And I think I have a great chance. The other thing is, African-American voters, I think I’m going to get a tremendous amount. And you have seen the stories where African- American leaders are saying, you know, my people really like Trump, because I’m going to bring jobs back from China and Mexico and Japan and Vietnam and India, and all these places that are taking our jobs. I’m going to bring jobs back. 

“And a recent poll came out where I had 25 percent African-American. And the Republicans usually get about 4 percent or 5 percent. And one of the hosts said, if he ever gets 25 percent, this election’s over. You might as well not run it. I’m going to do great with the African-Americans. African-American youth is 58 percent unemployed. African-Americans in their prime are substantially worse off, you know, economically than a — than the whites in their prime. And it’s very — it’s a very sad situation. I’m going to do great with African-Americans. You watch. And I’m going to do great with Hispanics. I employ thousands of Hispanics. I’m going to do great with Hispanics.”

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