Clinton: ‘I Want to Find Common Ground Wherever I Can’ with Others

‘I think that’s a winning message, because I think that’s what the American people are looking for’

TAPPER: "Well, let’s talk about that. You’re heading to South Carolina, the South Carolina Democratic primary Saturday. You’re favored to win there. You’re polling strong there. You have scored some key endorsements. The Republicans held their contest. Donald Trump won handily, his second victory. You have said that a race against Mr. Trump would be quite a showdown. Is there a chance the Democrats are underestimating him?"
CLINTON: "Well, I don’t — I don’t know, Jake. I’m not thinking about that far ahead. They have to finish their nominating process. We have to finish ours.  But I do believe that the message that we want to take to the American people, that we can do better together, we can build those ladders of opportunity again, we can have broad-based prosperity, rising incomes, knock down the barriers that hold people back, I think that’s a winning message, because I think that’s what the American people are looking for. You know, that great recession was such terrible blow to so many people. And the repercussions are still working its way through the economy and through the political system. So, I’m very committed to making the argument that I think is the winning argument about what we can do together. I want to find common ground wherever I can. But I want to move this economy. I want to fix our political system. I want to make government work better for people. And I want to knock down those barriers of discrimination and debt and feeling like the deck is stacked against you that too many Americans, you know, now are worried may be the case."

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