Cruz: Republicans Want a Real Conservative, Not Someone Who Supported Jimmy Carter

‘They don’t want someone like Donald Trump who supported Jimmy Carter and John Kerry and Hillary Clinton’

STEPHANOPOULOS: "That may be true, but as long as you and Marco Rubio are going after each other, doesn’t that give Donald Trump a clear path?"
CRUZ: "Look, no doubt. And I thought the question you asked Marco a minute ago about why he’s afraid to take on Donald Trump is a great question. You know, if you look at Donald, Donald devotes all of his time and energy, all of his money, to attacking me. That demonstrates that Donald sees me as the only real threat to him. And for that matter, Marco devotes all of his time and energy to attacking me as well. He’s been unwilling or afraid or for whatever reason he won’t take on Donald Trump. If you want to beat Donald Trump, you’ve got to go with the only campaign that has demonstrated we can beat Donald Trump. And I’ll tell you going in to Super Tuesday, I think we are positioned nine days from today to have an amazing day on Super Tuesday. Our base on the ground is strong. And listen, Republicans want a real conservative. They don’t want someone like Donald Trump who supported Jimmy Carter and John Kerry and Hillary Clinton, who supported expanding ObamaCare into socialized medicine, who supported the Wall Street bailouts and cronyism in the Obama stimulus. They want instead someone who will stand up to the Washington deals."
STEPHANOPOULOS: "We will be watching. Senator Cruz, thanks for joining us this morning."
CRUZ: "Thank you, George."

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