Jeb Slams Clinton: We Need President with ‘Unimpeachable Integrity’

‘We need to have a president that has unimpeachable integrity’

SCARBOROUGH: “...South Carolina, Republican presidential candidate, former Governor Jeb Bush of Florida. Governor thank you so much for being with us. Hillary Clinton was having a little trouble answering a question that we’re going to then ask you. If you’re president of the United States, will you ever tell a lie to the American people?”
BUSH: “No, I won’t.”
SCARBOROUGH: “All right, thank you very much. Jeb Bush. (Laughter) [crosstalk]
BRZEZINSKI: “All right.”
SCARBOROUGH: “We appreciate you being on ‘Morning Joe’.
BUSH: “I mean, look, this is a —“
SCARBOROUGH: “It’s not that hard, is it, Jeb? It’s not really that hard.” BUSH: “The struggle with this — the struggle seems to be — you know, look, you can misspeak, I do that all the time but knowingly tell a lie to the American people? No, of course not. We have a — we need to have a president that has unimpeachable integrity. Over and out.”

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