W.H.: Obama ‘Will Certainly Meet with President Castro’ While in Cuba

‘I wouldn’t expect him to meet with Fidel Castro; Raul Castro is the president of Cuba’

MASON: "Do you expect him to see Fidel Castro while he's there? And do you expect this to be tied in any way to the Colombia peace talks?"
RHODES: "So I wouldn't expect him to meet with Fidel Castro. Raul Castro is the president of Cuba. He'll certainly meet with President Castro. With respect to the Colombian peace process, we have had good cooperation from Cuba on that issue. The Cubans have hosted the talks between the Colombia government. We've had a member attending a number of those discussions. We and the Cubans together have worked to support the Colombians as they are pursuing a peace agreement. I think it will certainly be a subject that we discuss with the Cuban government that the president discusses with president Castro. At the end of the day, as the president told president Santos when he was here, we want the best deal for Colombia and the Colombian people and that's what matters here. And we're willing to support that in any way we can."

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