Gowdy Still Insists Cruz Camp Created Fake Facebook Page Despite Contrary Evidence

‘The truth matters’

"Hey, this is Trey Gowdy on 'The Marco Rubio for the President' bus. We are in South Carolina with the primary coming up on Saturday. My fellows, South Carolinians, do not mind tell politics, but it has to be fair. It has to be accurate. The truth matters. So when you run an adds that have to be taken down because they are factually deficient, they are so factually deficient that they have to be taken down. And when you run adds that are so fake that you Photoshop somebody's head on somebody else's body, come on. You can do better than that. The truth matters. Run on your record. Tell people what you are going to do. But don't mislead my fellows South Carolinians with fake Facebook postings, adds that can't even withstand FCC scrutiny. And then photoshoping  pictures.  Come on, you are better than that. You ought to be better than that. You are running for the highest office in the land. Your campaign ought to be better than that."

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