ABC’s Vega: Clinton Camp ‘Clearly Trying to Downplay Nevada’

‘The optics of another potential loss in Nevada do not look good’

STEPHANOPOULOS: “Closer to a two-person race with Donald Trump. Meanwhile, Cecilia, you did spend the day yesterday at Clinton headquarters in Brooklyn. They’re not where they want to be right now in Nevada and really don’t know how it’s going to turn out.”
VEGA: “No, you right. And I asked Robby Mook about that — her campaign manager. I said this new polls must worry and he actually smiled. They’re clearly trying to downplay Nevada right now. They’re looking ahead to South Carolina where they feel much more confident. They’re looking at the Super Tuesday where they’re confident there. But, look George, the optics of another loss, a potential loss in Nevada do not look good. This is a state she probably should be winning. She hasn’t been on the ground longer there. She’s got more volunteers there — a second loss in a row is not where they want to be if that happens.”

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