David Brock: Sanders: ‘Not Capable of Cementing and Building’ on ‘Obama’s Legacy’

‘There’s quite a treasure trove of statements by Senator Bernie Sanders that indicate he’s had serious issues, serious reservations about president Obama’


SCARBOROUGH: “Mark Halperin is here and he would like to ask the first question.”
HALPERIN: “David, good morning. Secretary Clinton and her allies are talking a lot about Bernie Sanders’ past statements and positions about Barack Obama. Can you jut explain what the point is there critiquing what he said about Barack Obama in the past?” 
BROCK: “Yeah. I think the point is that President Obama and President Obama’s programs and his achievements are overwhelmingly popular with Democrats. And, you know, there’s quite a treasure trove of statements by Senator Sanders that indicate that he’s had serious issues, serious reservations about President Obama, wanted to, in fact suggested primary challenging him in 2012. So, just like it seems to be very effective to make the case that, you know, we don’t want to dismantle ObamaCare because that’s popular with Democrats. I think that’s part of the same argument.”
HALPERIN: “But what’s the point? What do you want voters in saying that to think about Bernie Sanders? That he’s not going to —“
BROCK: “Oh, that he’s not —“
HALPERIN: “— that he’s going to change the direction of the country?”
BROCK: “Right. That he’s not capable of cementing and building on President Obama’s legacy.”
SCARBOROUGH: “All right. You say that Bernie Sanders, quote, ‘purity bubble’ has to be burst.”
BROCK: “Right.”
SCARBOROUGH: “What do you mean by that?”
BROCK: “Well, what I mean is that — I think that Senator Sanders has portrayed himself as being above politics and the reality is — he isn’t. This is politics as usual in a lot of ways he is a typical politician, and I think he’s gotten a pass being able to present himself as something other than that. And so, I think he needs to be — “
BRZEZINSKI: “OK. But he’s —“
BROCK: “—brought back down to Earth and looked at more objectively.”

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