Biden Responds to Robert Gates’ Criticism: He’s Just Not Happy Obama Listened to Me

‘Bob Gates, in his book, laments the president listened to me’

Biden Responds to Gates Jab: He’s Just Not Happy Obama Listened to Me (Mediaite)

The White House defended Vice President Joe Biden after former Secretary of State Robert Gates alleged in his memoir that Biden had been wrong on almost every major foreign policy decision of the last forty years. Wednesday on CBS This Morning, Biden finally responded himself, intimating Gates was unhappy with Biden’s access to President Barack Obama.

Biden noted that he’d wanted to end the Vietnam War, opposed Iran-Contra, and supported Mikhail Gorbachev—positions with which he said Gates differed—and that he was closer to Obama’s position on Afghanistan.

“My counsel is to the president privately,” Biden said. “I think that’s why it bothered Bob a lot, that the president listens to me a lot.”

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