ABC’s Vega: Clinton Camp ‘Growing Nervous’ About Nevada

‘Bernie Sanders has the momentum on his side after that double-digit New Hampshire win’


ROBACH: “The Nevada caucuses are also just four days away. And the battle between Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton is getting fierce, as Hillary tries to avoid another upset. ABC’s Cecilia Vega is here now with the very latest, on that battle. Good morning to you Cecilia.”
VEGA: “Amy, that’s right. Just four days until Nevada, and here’s the reality for Hillary Clinton. Bernie Sanders has the momentum on his side after that double-digit New Hampshire win. And this morning, her team is growing nervous about what could come.” 
[clip starts]
VEGA (voice-over): “Hillary Clinton in Nevada making her case.”
H. CLINTON: “I’m hoping to get your support.”
VEGA (voice-over): “One handshake.”
H. CLINTON: “I need your help in your caucus on Saturday.”
VEGA (voice-over): “After the next.”
H. CLINTON: “Voters also have a choice between where I stand and my opponent in the Democratic primary stands.”
VEGA (voice-over): “Where she stands this morning, hoping to avoid an embarrassing Nevada upset. Overnight, Bernie Sanders fired up trading in Nevada for Michigan and a massive rally with nearly 10,000 supporters.”
SANDERS: “Leadership is about standing up for what’s right even when it is not popular.”
VEGA (voice-over): “Clinton stayed behind, skipping a campaign stop in Florida, sending her husband instead.”
UNKNOWN FEMALE: “You think they seem like they’re nervous there in Nevada right now? Should they be?”
B. CLINTON: “It’s a caucus. Anytime you have a caucus, it’s more unpredictable. So it’s better for her to stay there.”
VEGA (voice-over): “Bill Clinton facing heat of his own, interrupted by this trump supporter. The former president firing back.”
B. CLINTON: “I took his money for my foundation where I used it to — better than he’s using it now, i’ll guarantee you.”
VEGA (voice-over): “From the loud to the strange. Hillary Clinton focused on republicans, too. During a story about a political ad featuring a dog, she began barking. Yes, barking.”
CLINTON: “We need to get that dog and follow — follow him around and every time they say these things, like, oh, you know, the great recession was caused by too much regulation. [barking like a dog] you know.”
[clip ends]
VEGA: “Yeah, Clinton aides telling me they’re bracing for a very tight race in Nevada. A victory depending on turnout. But today the focus is on wooing a constituency that she’s been trying hard to win black voters.”
STEPHANOPOULOS: “What are we going to see next?” (Laughter)
VEGA: “I don’t know. Don’t ask me about the barking. That’s all I know.”
ROBACH: “Thank you, Cecilia.”

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