Fireworks: Tara Setmayer Unloads on Trump Supporter; ‘He’s Acting Like a Child!’

‘Fighter takes punches, he’s a bully’

SETMAYER: "You know this is very interesting to me. Watching Donald Trump's reaction to adverse is interesting. If you bring up his record. Kayleigh went through this list of all these things. Which Donald Trump was that? Is that the 1-0 he changed his position on all of those things since he's been a lifelong Democrat until about the year ago."
MCENANY: "So was Ronald Reagan."
SETMAYER: "Ronald Reagan was not a lifelong Democrat. Ronald Reagan was a conservative when he governed in California and he had a record of years of conservativism where he made that revolution into what he ended up becoming. Donald Trump does not have that record and stop comparing Donald Trump to Ronald Reagan. Donald Trump couldn't hold a finger to the class that Ronald Reagan had. What Donald Trump is doing is embarrassing. Acting like a child, a rich bully on the playground and if you hit back at me I'm going to sue you. Grow up. This is for the presidency of the United States we're running for and he can't handle a campaign in South Carolina for goodness sakes and this is something appealing to you? For someone to be prosecute of the United States? Really?"
MCENANY: "It is a fact that Ronald Reagan was pro choice before pro life. It is a fact that Ronald Reagan levied the largest tax increase in California history. Those are facts and he changed and pivoted --"
SETMAYER: 'Intellectual pivot. He had an intellectual pivot."
MCENANY: "Yes. And so did Donald Trump. He had an intellectual pivot. Tear him down. But the fact is Americans like Donald Trump because he's a fighter. Donald Trump is a fighter and he's --"
SETMAYER: "He's a bully."
MCENANY: "-- American public that is absolutely frustrated with this president."
SETMAYER: "He's a bully."


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