Geist: ‘Trump Is Even a Bigger Middle Finger’ to the Establishment than Bush 43 Was

‘Trump is in the lead of every story about yesterday’s Bush appearances’

BRZEZINSKI: "Do you see any commonalities between George W. And Donald Trump?"
SCARBOROUGH: "I actually —"
BRZEZINSKI: "Personality-wise."
SCARBOROUGH: "I see a big commonality. It’s not something the bush family will appreciate, but it’s very real. I remember in 2004 driving around, and I commented. Every time I would see somebody with a “W” bumper sticker I would laugh. A “W” bumper sticker in 2004 was the equivalent of sticking your middle finger up to the political class, to the editorial pages, to all of the smart guys out there, all the smart women out there. Gary wills at the time was saying that bush supporters are more in common with Al Qaeda than with the American tradition. Maureen dowd said bush would take us back to the dark ages. I remember one time flying on an airplane and having a polite conversation with somebody until about an hour into the flight she said, and can you believe that some people have voted for George Bush twice? I said, I did. She literally gasped. I said, what did you want me to do? Vote for Al gore? Vote for John Kerry? I remember you talking about — this is politics on the gut level. This is what a lot of smart people don’t understand. Bush steps up to the microphone and there is a certain, I won’t say it but we’ll just say it’s a middle finger to the establishment. Back when he was running against Kerry."
GEIST: "And the swagger."
SCARBOROUGH: "And people in 2004 — I remember — actually driving around nantucket. We were looking around and somebody pointed and said, oh, there’s a “W” bumper sticker outside the house."
GEIST: "Somebody in the back seat goes, yeah, that’s the help because nobody else in nantucket would put those on the back of their car. It was — there is that resentment that bush tapped into in 2004 and 2000 that trump is tapping into now. And maybe the bushes can’t see that but it’s true."
>> We’ve talked about the morning after the 2004 election in Manhattan, people walking around in stunned disbelief as if to say, I thought we all agreed this guy was terrible and was going to lose by 20 points. They couldn’t believe joshing bush won. Trump is even a bigger middle finger. He is farther outside the system. That’s why he’s popular. Not because he has sound policy prescriptions. I don’t think we’ve heard those. But because on a gut level people respond to what he’s bringing which is, you guys have been screwed by the media, by political correctness, by everybody in your life and I’m here to change it.
SCARBOROUGH: " I think it’s a confused message bringing George W. Bush. Maybe it will work. Bringing him to South Carolina, I think it’s risky given the framing that Donald Trump has put around this. I think people now know that we should not have gone into Iraq across the board, including veterans, their families, the people taking care of the wounded warriors. They all know it was a big mistake. It was on George W. Bush’s watch.
GEIST: "Yesterday you had the former president of the united stat appearing on stage to support and endorse his brother and the off-lead of every news story of yesterday’s events have the bushing taking a swipe at Donald Trump. Trump is in the lead of every story about yesterday’s bush appearances."


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