Scarborough: Debate Audience Played into Trump’s Hands with Booing

‘Everybody knows it’s the rich donors that get the tickets’

SCARBOROUGH: "Matthew Dowd said this yesterday best that anybody that thinks booing Donald Trump if you’re the Republican establishment, anybody who thinks that hurts Donald Trump, you’ve not been watching if the past year. That’s another thing that bothered me about the booing, I thought what idiots, they are playing into his hands. Everybody knows it’s the rich donors that get the tickets. It was all the rich donors that were booing and I just thought all you’re doing is helping this guy that you want to beat."
WALLACE: "And he played it brilliantly during the course of the debate. Kept referring to the people of the crowd that were booing, the lobbyists and funders that were booing. He’s doing well at the moment."
SOLTIS ANDERSON: "One of the most surprising things was this was one of the first times that Donald Trump sort of let drop this veil that, you know, he’s not a good Republican. He’s not toeing the line on well George W. Bush was a great president around we should defund Planned Parenthood. This was one of the first times he let the veil drop which is a criticism his opponents have had but I don’t think it will matter. Because Donald Trump appeals to Republicans who don’t like the Republican party."

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