Rep. Clyburn: Boehner Is Wrong About Who the Minimum Wage Hike Would Help

James Clyburn says an executive order raising the minimum wage would have an immediate effect

CLYBURN: “Well, thank you so much for having me, Melvin. First of all, I don't quite understand how the speaker can come to that conclusion. The fact of the matter is whenever this is done, whatever contracts, and tomorrow happens to be a future contract, then people will be covered I would hope. However, as I’ve expressed to the Administration that we would have a definition of contracts to be broad enough to get beyond the narrow contracts that may exist up here in Washington or at the federal levels dealing all with the private sector. States contract with the federal government. The security commission is 100 percent federally funded, though it is state directed. So I would hope that the president will define a government contractor in such a way that a lot of people far beyond a little contract we may think about will be covered. It certainly ought to be.”

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