Wallace: ‘Bill Clinton in His Current State Not Reminding Anybody of Vim and Vigor’

‘It’s not the Bill Clinton of old, it’s the old Bill Clinton’

MACCALLUM: “That’s a great point. And you know, when you look at it from a historic perspective and you think about the possibility of a Bush-Clinton race, again. And Hillary Clinton has the same problem when it comes to Bill Clinton — that when he comes out there he reminds everybody of sort of, you know, the good old days of a — the vim and vigor on campaign trail that she — she does not have.”
WALLACE: “Yeah. Although, I will say that Bill Clinton in his current state, I’m not sure he reminding anybody of vim and vigor. He is — you know,  he’s obviously had some health issues. And I don’t think he has the, you know — that’s not — as somebody once said, that’s not the Bill Clinton of old, It’s the old Bill Clinton.”
MACCALLUM: “Tough stuff. But yeah, that’s been the reaction of a lot of people watching him out there. But it does remind everybody — you know, do we want to a Bush-Clinton race, once again, out there when they see these family members on the trail, standings up for people are wanting that job this time around. Chris, thank you so much. Good to have you here this morning.”
WALLACE: “Yep. Thank you.”

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