Jeb Cites Commanding Florida National Guard as Foreign Policy Experience

‘I am pretty fluent on foreign policy issues, I look forward to debate Marco on these issues’

STEPHANOPOULOS: “Meantime, the other candidates are swinging pretty hard at you. We just saw in [indecipherable] Marco Rubio saying you have no foreign policy experience. John Kasich is saying — that’s laughable?”
BUSH: “Yeah, absolutely it’s laughable. When you compare Marco Rubio’s experience of going to committee hearings once in awhile — that’s not foreign policy experience. Look, I was the governor of the state of Florida. I led the National Guard. I had trade missions. I’ve lived overseas. I’ve invested overseas. I have vast experience as it relates to the world. And I’m pretty fluent on foreign policy issues. I look forward to debating Marco on these issues. We share a common belief that the United States needs to be engaged in the world. But to suggest that he has foreign policy experience and I don’t is kind of ludicrous.”

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