Trump: 2nd Term Will Be Easier Because I’ll Get Most of the Work Done in the First 4 Years

‘If I get elected president, I’m going to be in the White House a lot’

"If I get elected president, I’m going to be in the white House a lot. I’m not leaving.
[ Cheers and applause ] We have deals to make. Who the hell wants to leave, right? I’m just telling you, I can do it all in four years, but if I’m doing a great job, let me have four easier years. ‘Let me have four years of relaxation, I’ll do most of the work in the first four years. As a country, we don’t win anymore. We just don’t win anymore. We don’t win with ISIS. Can you imagine? We don’t win with ISIS. I always said general Douglas Macarthur you are general George Patton, you say not out ISIS, what would it take? One day, one week. They tried the mother, that didn’t work out so good. Now he’s bringing in his brother. I won’t say anything. I’ll save that for after his brother makes a statement because there’s plenty to say about what happened, especially that last three months and especially getting us in that quicksand, you know? We got in quicksand. I was against the war in Iraq. We have to be given credit for vision. I was against the war in Iraq because I said you’re going to totally destabilize the middle East and that’s what happened. The Middle East was destabilized.
[ Applause ] And that was a horrible call to go in. Political hacks. We have hacks. I know some of them. They’re political hacks. They get their job — I won’t use foul language. They’re Saul saying “Do it, do it.” That’s better, right? A woman here is on my side, you’re right, she’s saying “Don’t do it,” right? Don’t do it. Because they always have — if it’s a bad word, even a little bad word, they kill me. I won’t do it. I’ll never do it again."

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