ABC’s Vega: Clinton Camp Calling Top Donors, Backers in Congress ‘to Ease Concerns’

‘The 22 point loss in New Hampshire bigger and more embarrassing than her camp ever expected’


STEPHANOPOULOS: “...the race for the White House right now ‘your voice, your vote’. And the Democrats will face off tonight. Let’s take a look at the stage in Wisconsin set for their first debate since New Hampshire. The big question now, will Hillary Clinton try something new after Bernie s sweeping win? ABC’s Cecilia Vega is here with the latest. Good morning, Cecilia.”
VEGA: “George, good morning to you. Bernie sanders didn’t just win in New Hampshire, it was one of the largest margins of victory since J.F.K won there in 1960. Now, Hillary Clinton’s team is rethinking the strategy and we could see it unfold tonight on that debate stage.”
VEGA (voice-over): “As both sides prepare to come face-to-face at tonight’s debate, for the first time since Bernie Sanders’ big New Hampshire victory, this morning, worry inside camp Clinton. Sources telling ABC News Hillary Clinton’s top advisers are now calling supporters from big donors to backers in Congress trying to ease concerns.”
CLINTON: “We’ve learned it’s not whether you get knocked down that matters, it’s whether you get back up.”
VEGA (voice-over): “The strategy now shift the focus to South Carolina and Nevada, the hope that Clinton support among black and Latino voters can help propel her to the nomination. The 22-point loss in New Hampshire, bigger and more embarrassing than her camp ever expected.”

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