ABC’s Dowd: Clinton Needs ‘to Apply a Tourniquet and Stop the Bleeding’

‘What I would if I were her is prosecute the case directly against Bernie Sanders’

STEPHANOPOULOS: “And let’s talk about the democrats for a minute — that debate tonight. A lot of commentary swirling around Hillary Clinton’s debate strategy. Does she go very, very positive, put forward a vision, some people said she hasn’t done that yet, or is now the time to really try to take down Bernie Sanders?”
DOWD: “Well, listen, George, she’s been wounded and she’s bleeding. So the first thing she needs to do is apply a tourniquet and stopping the bleeding so she doesn’t lose Nevada which is the next state up. I think what I would do if I were her, is prosecute the case directly against Bernie Sanders. I would ignore the moderators and basic say in a calm, cool, strong way prosecute the case saying the only person on this stage that can actually get anything done is me — your ideas are great, they’re aspirational, but the only person that can get those things done is myself. And I would just turn to him and prosecute the case.”

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