Obama: Our Problems in Politics Are Not ‘Unique’ or ‘Hopeless’

‘There is a lot of work that we need to do to make sure that the system works for ordinary people and not just the well connected’

"There is also a notion that our politics are broken because politicians are significantly more corrupt or beholden to big money than they used to be there is no doubt that this will have easier access to the halls of power the the average American there's a lot of work we need to do to make sure that the system works for ordinary people and not just welcome back to as true the federal level the true state of also entail wrong when they feel as if the system too often as rate and does not address the interests relative to the past present I'm confident we've got enough rules and shacks to prevent anyone in my canon from siphoning whisky tax revenue into the pockets like present threat of administration that Are out of work by US attorney all they reckon they controlled judges and politicians as they please patient and bribery and money laundering it's not as easy as it was to whip up tens of thousands of them boats weather in Chicago were some texts from the teapot Dome to Watergate history tells us we should always be vigilant and the men are public servants for the highest ethical standards but the truth is that the kind of corruption that is a blatant of the sort we saw the past is much less likely today's politics and the justice Department and the media or her to keep it that way and that's very good thank to would allow a romanticized the past and I think some of difference in the people they like to and it also was not true that today's issues are harrowing more polarizing than the text Oh Jesus something or result in hundreds of thousands of dead Americans this country was divided on a fundamental question before you play hard work area into two he was a highly charged debate the phone lines of Vietnam the culture wars the cities they still a corner politics ahead century later we're arguing says are found in all the proper size of war the government the meaning of it is a freedom of one piece best way to give all citizens opportune and these are important base everybody should join a free people but what is the problem is not that politicians worse the problem is not that the issues are tough an For us to understand the situation we find ourselves in today is not unique or hopeless."

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