David Corn: Hillary Clinton ‘Flopping About a Bit’ with Her Message

‘You see again and again that Bernie Sanders has a coherent message’

HALL: "David, let me bring you in. January fund-raising call-dollars, Hillary Clinton, $15 million. Bernie Sanders, $20 million. He said he collected another $3 million following that razor thin, you know, win for Hillary clinton in Iowa."
CORN: "We can talk demographics and something a little crass about that. But there’s energy is an issue, too. passion. and you see again and again that Bernie Sanders has a coherent message. A vision. you know, you can agree or disagree, but people know what he stands for, and they are being drawn to that. Hillary Clinton seems to be flopping about a bit, trying to figure out what to say other than she has a great resume and that she’s competent and can be pragmatic. voting for a president is often an emotional act for a lot of people. It’s about your feeling. You want someone who represents your own visions and your view of america. and just coming in and saying, well, i have a great resume, i can do a good job, Michael Dukakis tried that in ‘88. It didn’t work in the general. I think Clinton, besides playing demographic politics, has to find a way to connect with a broader range of democrats as a prelude of connecting with a broader range of Americans."

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