ABC’s Stephanopolous: Clinton ‘Facing a Real Fight Especially in Nevada’

Vega: ‘This is that firewall that Hillary Clinton’s team has been talking about’


STEPHANOPOULOS: “Cecilia Vega, you talked about Nevada and South Carolina upcoming for the Clinton campaign. They had been hoping for big wins there, but now they’re facing a real fight, especially in Nevada.”
VEGA: “Oh, they certainly are, George. This is that firewall that Hillary Clinton’s team has been talking about. They’re banking onto her support in South Carolina especially among black voters. But looking ahead at Nevada, Bernie Sanders is already running Spanish language ads there, he’s got an army of door knockers ready to go in South Carolina. Her team says they don’t like to lose. Certainly it happened here last night, I tell you, George, that mood last night was so somber inside that party, no victory party there for them. They are very nervous about what comes next.”

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