CNN’s Tom Foreman: New Hampshire Voters Don’t Trust Hillary Clinton

‘The age line is just destroying Hillary Clinton right now’


COSTELLO: "Bernie Sanders won big last night and now new exit polls are painting how painful the picture is for Clinton. Clinton losing big across groups of voters including women. Sanders topped Clinton by 10 percent in that category. Tom foreman has more. Good morning."

FOREMAN: "Good morning, Carol. The age line is just destroying Hillary Clinton right now. Look at what younger voters did here. She wanted younger voters to see her in the way that they saw Barack Obama. But 83 percent of 18 to 29-year-olds went for Sanders. Just 16 percent for her. She did better with older voters like she did in Iowa if you look at those numbers. But look at her margin. That would be considered a big win normally. But when you compare it to the younger voters, it doesn’t look like much. That is really hurting her. Let’s look at party I.D. As well. 72 percent of those that call themselves independent went for Sanders. Only 25 percent went for Clinton. If you look at the qualities of the candidates, this seems to be the key as to what is going wrong here. People who supported Clinton, look at this, they like the idea that they think she’s electable, her experience, all of the years that she’s been involved. 12 percent, cares. Honest, 5 percent. That’s eating her alive. We’ve been talking about it for a long time. Look at those numbers and think about that and now look at the same set of qualities when you talk about Sanders. Only 4 percent think he has the electability and 52 percent say he’s honest. Honesty is that big of a tip here and it’s absolutely an issue. I’m telling you, Carol, the Clinton campaign is trying to handle this right now but the speeches and what she’s paid and whether she’ll release the transcript of them, whether you think that’s right or wrong or she has anything wrong with that or not, it plays into this narrative that we saw among New Hampshire voters. They don’t feel they can trust her."

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