Scarborough: ‘One Sure Sign that Marco Rubio Is Taking on Water Is Frank Luntz’

‘It’s amazing that people like Frank Luntz saying two weeks ago Donald Trump has to be destroyed are now the ones chasing after Donald Trump’

SCARBOROUGH: “I do want to talk about Rubio, though. And we are talking about how Rubio’s third-place finish in Iowa is proclaimed as this great victory, now he’s fifth place. One sure sign that Marco Rubio is taking on water is Frank Luntz, who was talking about Marco Rubio and all around Marco Rubio and in Marco Rubio’s corner, now Frank is hovering around Donald Trump and calling Trump’s people and sitting down with Trump and — wasn’t this — wasn’t Luntz a guy who just a couple weeks ago who has said we have to take Donald Trump down?”
COSTA: “When I saw Luntz at the last Republican debate, he had a lot of concern about Trump’s possibility of being the nominee. But I think what you’re seeing — what you’re perhaps seeing with Luntz, what you’re seeing with many people in the Republican establishment is they think Trump now could very well be the nominee and they’re trying to get on that ship. I mean, the calls coming into the Trump campaign last night from people who are top figures in the party, it’s striking. There’s still a sense that Cruz could do it, that Rubio or Kasich could pick up that establishment baton, but right now it’s Trump and the establishment — they’re warming to each other.”
BRZEZINSKI: “How quickly things change.”
SCARBOROUGH: “And — and quickly, and again, it’s amazing that people like Frank Luntz who were saying two weeks ago Donald Trump has to be destroyed are now the ones chasing after Donald Trump. And it’s not just Frank, a guy I know and like, but it’s the entire Republican establishment who, boy, take what they said seven days ago after Iowa, match it to now and, my Gosh, you would almost think that people are cynical in politics.”

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