Barnicle: White Working Class Women ‘No Longer an Automatic’ for the Clintons

‘White working class women were an automatic for Hillary Clinton for years’

GEIST: “You know, it was interesting watching Hillary Clinton’s speech, and we’ll play some of it in the a few minutes. The degree to which Bernie Sanders has shaped —“
BRZEZINSKI: “Message.”
GEIST: “— the conversation in this case. Hillary Clinton, famous centrist and moderate and all those things, sounded like a social justice warrior last night talking about the things that Bernie Sanders has been talking about his whole life. Hillary Clinton now is following Bernie Sanders’ lead in this race.
BRZEZINSKI: “I don’t know how she closes that gap.”
BARNICLE: “The Clintons left here last night in the middle of the night having lost this state that’s been so critical to their careers. They left with one underlying real danger signal out there, and Steve was just alluding to it. Berlin, New Hampshire, Lebanon, New Hampshire, working class towns — white working class women were an automatic for Hillary Clinton for years. An automatic for Bill Clinton for years. No longer an automatic.” [crosstalk]
SCARBOROUGH: “She lost.”
BRZEZINSKI: “A lot of dynamics to that.”
SCARBOROUGH: “She lost women by 11 points.
BRZEZINSKI: “Yeah. Now, we will — we’ll be looking at that closer coming up.”

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