Scarborough: Harry Reid May Regret Moving Nevada Ahead of S.C.

‘Harry Reid fought like hell to get Nevada before South Carolina’

GEIST: “...and South Carolina. If this is repeated or even close to repeated there than we are in big —“ [crosstalk]
SCARBOROUGH: “Well, of course, one of the problems with the Clinton campaign is that Harry Reid fought like hell to get Nevada before South Carolina. Since he’s a Hillary supporter, that’s now something he may regret because Bernie actually may be stronger in Nevada.”
KORNACKI: “We — it’s tough — it’s an interesting state. It’s definitely a wild card here. There really hasn’t been any good reliable polling out of Nevada. But you’re looking at a caucus there, so you’re looking potentially and maybe more Bernie Sanders’s crowd. It’s not a state that hasn’t established, you know presidential primary caucus tradition. The turnout might be —“

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