Trump: ‘I Know More About Foreign Policy than Anybody Running’

‘I think my ideas are better than anybody that’s running’


MACCALLUM: “People criticize you for not wanting to be specific about things. Maybe voters are not supporting you right now love to know who do you talk to for foreign policy advice? What specific people do you talk to? I think you might be able to move outside of the percentage that you already have if you were willing to say, it might give people increased level of confidence if they knew who you were talking to.”
TRUMP: “I can do that and release a list two weeks.” 
MACCALLUM: “Why don’t you release it right here right now. Just a couple of names.”
TRUMP: “I want to explain something to you. I think I know more about foreign policy than anybody running. I think my ideas are better than anybody that is running. I was one that said we shouldn’t go into Iraq because you will destabilize in the Middle East. I’m only one running. There is nobody else. Everybody let’s invade Iraq. I said all that is going to happen Iran will take over Iraq which is exactly what is happening. On top of that ISIS taking up the oil. You have Iran, ISIS, taking over Iraq assure as you’re sitting there. I was one that said don’t do it. I said it loud and you clear in 2003.” 
MACCALLUM: “That is rear view mirror.”
TRUMP: “Martha, has to do with vision. Let me go another one. Four years ago I said bomb the oil, bomb the oil, bomb the oil. If they listened to me, you wouldn’t have ISIS because ISIS became rich because of oil. I’m telling them go into banking channels right now but back circuit the banks, nobody knows banking better than I do, tremendous amounts of money is pouring into ISIS. They don’t do that they’re politicians. They don’t know what they’re doing. I put in Osama bin Laden before the world trade center came down, Osama bin Laden, and one of your colleagues said, that is amazing. Trump wrote about Osama bin Laden before he ripped down World Trade Center.”
MACCALLUM: “Who are you worried about now? When you look forward what are we going to be saying Donald Trump knew this now and he was on the record about it?”
TRUMP: “I’ll tell you who and what I’m worried about now. Incompetence in our government. We have incompetently run and we have incompetently run government. I’m not worried about anybody in particular. I’m worried about our own people and our leaders f we put in the wrong leaders, that is what i’ most worried about. We have incompetent people. We have some people running that are terrible. I won’t even mention names. We have some people I think are terrible. That is my biggest fear. Not the enemy. It is from within.”

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