‘Morning Joe’ on Debate: Trump Sounded Like He Had Been Doing It for 20 Years


SCARBOROUGH: “I love following people on Twitter during the debate because Donald Trump, I mean, it’s — you love him or you hate him but Donald Trump — I even read a positive tweet from Mary —“
SCARBOROUGH: “— and I said oh, my God — “ [crosstalk]
BRZEZINSKI: “What happened?” 
SCARBOROUGH: “This is a great night for Donald. But Donald Trump had a couple of moments that night that I thought, Bob Costa, showed the strength that makes people go that’s why I’m voting for that guy. And one we’ve already mentioned is when the donors booed him and he basically said the hell with all of you, boo me if you want — it’s like he used an entire auditorium as a prop.” 
COSTA: “I spoke to Trump over the weekend and you really get the sense that he himself thinks he’s growing as a candidate. He can be at center stage but he doesn’t need to attack all of the time. And one of the big images you’re going to see today, he’s going to have a rally, Monday night across the street at the hockey arena, here in Manchester.”
SCARBOROUGH: “Holds up to 8,000 people.” 
COSTA: “Thousands and thousands of people on the eve of the New Hampshire primary. He’s doing retail stops today. So you saw Trump stay in place at the debate, stay cool, stay steady, and now he’s doing a lot of retail stops in New Hampshire. This is the new Trump campaign, so [indecipherable] dedicate a little bit more on the ground game.” 
BRZEZINSKI: “He was right in the zone. I mean, his tone on every question and every answer really applied to the content when he was talking about Foley and terrorism.” 
COSTA: “What about when he went against the crowd?” 
BRZEZINSKI: “I didn’t agree with a word he was saying. When he used the crowd as backup, that was incredible. It was masterful.” 
SCARBOROUGH: “I thought it also Mary — it was interesting on imminent domain, he didn’t back down on imminent domain. I think he —” 
BRZEZINSKI: “Not that I like it.” 
SCARBOROUGH: “I think he and Jeb both had great moment there. I did think — I did find it very interesting that when he was talking about James Foley the reporter who was beheaded by ISIS, I was struck by his tone and how he sounded like somebody that had been doing this for 20 years.”

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