Nina Turner: Michigan Gov. ‘Needs To Be Locked up’ for Flint Water Crisis

‘Poor folks matter too’

TURNER: "I totally agree. And this is about immoral incompetencies right here. In terms of government’s power and sway to create spaces where all folks are equal. And the system is rigged. And so that begs back into this whole notion about is there a need for a political revolution that says that poor folks — poor folks matter too. This is what --"
HARRIS-PERRY: "Maybe even first."
TURNER: "First. Yeah."
HARRIS-PERRY: "You have to invest double to even get —"
TURNER: "And the mothers’ pain — professor — mother to mother. Jesus Christ! You know her — for life! This is for life. And that governor needs to be locked up, along with anybody else that was complicit, because there is flesh and blood behind the kind of cavalier, nothing to see here. When general motors says that that water was corroding cars? Yet it took local, state and federal officials did not do their dag-gone jobs."
HARRIS-PERRY: "Speaking of locked up — I had forgotten, because, of course, we always forget the people who are locked up."
TURNER: "Yes."
HARRIS-PERRY: "People in the Flint jails were still drinking the water, including imprisoned pregnant women drinking that water up until about a month and a half ago. So — and, again, corroding car parts."
TURNER: "Right, right. And our Hispanic brothers and sisters."
HARRIS-PERRY: "That’s right, that’s right. And in undocumented communities, because in part of the raids coming out of department of homeland security, which creates a culture of fear, people were not opening the door when federal officials were coming and local officials were coming to bring water, that is correct. Thank you to Nina turner and Khalil Mohamed. The mayor has been doing the work to address this, invited Hillary Clinton to Flint, and the candidate is heading there, and guess what? We’re going to have mayor weaver live on our show tomorrow. Because mayor weaver ain’t waiting for nobody. She is working to save her people now. She will be on our show tomorrow."

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