Trump Spox Cites Weather and Safety as Reason Why N.H. Rally Was Rescheduled

Tapper: ‘Did Mr. Trump misjudged this campaign?’

TAPPER: "Mr. Trump was forced to cancel a campaign event here in New Hampshire today because of the snow. He, of course, flew home last night in his private jet so he could sleep in his own bed and he risked missing a full day of campaigning right before the primary. He could have just stayed in new Hampshire overnight. I stayed at the Hanover inn last night, it was lovely. Can you explain to the voters why he so seldom spends a night on the road? Isn’t staying in a state one of the great ways to meet actual voters?"
PIERSON: "Well, he actually had a campaign event. It wasn’t the fact that he wanted to go home. I’ll also say that it has been rescheduled to Monday so it’s not being skipped. Mr. Trump has been in the state for quite some time. He’s been there this week and will be there tomorrow and staying through Tuesday. So it’s not that Mr. Trump is skipping. It’s just when there’s 10 inches of snow on the ground and you can’t get in, I think it’s best for everyone’s safety to just reschedule it, don’t you think so?"
TAPPER: "After coming in second in Iowa, it seems Mr. Trump realized his campaign strategy maybe needed to be rejiggered and maybe wasn’t working. He’s focusing more on a ground game, retail politics, not attacking his rivals as much. Did Mr. Trump misjudge this campaign?"
PIERSON: "I’m not sure that it was miss judged. I think Iowa specifically, no one thought Mr. Trump could do well until we started to see Mr. Trump rose back in the polls closing in on the date. Considering what did happen in Iowa with all of the tricks and antics that took place, the fact that Mr. Trump did so well, you know, we’re very proud of our candidate. Mr. Trump did not spend the time or the money investment that some of the other candidates did. For example, he was outspent 20-1 in some cases."

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